Shipping and handling rates and information

  • Estimated delivery time 2-3 weeks after order is placed.

  • The toys are shipped by USPS Parcel Post or Priority Mail, whichever is least expensive. You are welcome to request USPS Priority Shipping for any order.
  • The rates below are for domestic shipping, and based per item. Items may combined to save on shipping costs. (Contact me for combined shipping estimates for toys.)
  • Sales tax for the price, including shipping, is added for Washington State residents. The tax is at the rate of the destination of the delivery. 


Big Pull Car,  Crayon Pull Van
$8- Priority Mail

Little Pull Car
$6 first class

Big Roller
$8 priority mail

Little Roller 
$6 first class

Cutting Boards

$20 USPS Priority Mail ($2 more for one additional cutting board added to order).

Contact me for a shipping and handling quote for 3 or more cutting boards.

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